I'm Monica and I grew up the Panhandle of Texas and now I reside in Lubbock, Texas with my headstrong teen daughter Jaidynn and Joshy, my sensitive son and my little fiery one, Addie! We've loved our life in Lubbock where we have made many wonderful friends and I've built an incredible clientele base with some of the most amazing clients any photographer could ask for. I am also deaf. Yesss I am proudly profoundly deaf. Our wonderful Creator knew this was who I was to be and I would not change anything about my life because it led to me to where I am now. Don't fret, I'm quite used to "hearing" people. ;) So I usually don't have too much issues with communication. It is pretty much self explanatory most of the time during a session. I do use ASL so if you know any ASL, please don't be shy! <3

The story of a photographer

I've always been a photographer almost all my life. I bought my very first camera at 9 years old. I'd develop so many prints that by the time I was 18, my bedroom walls were plastered with candid shots I took throughout my teenage years with my friends. I've bought so many cameras since then. Many of my old film cameras have found its place on my shelf full of vintage cameras. Life happened, had my babies and I wanted all the baby photos! I started to take my camera out more often and shooting my kiddos almost everyday. Then one birthday, a brand new fancy DSLR camera was gifted to me. Once I had that in my hands, photography took over again! I did all kinds of research and I was like a SPONGE learning everything I could possibly get my hands on about my new camera and photography in the digital world. I took online classes, practiced everyday on my kids and everything I could find to photograph. It became this insatiable hunger to learn more and more and it was amazing. Family started to ask me to do photos for them and slowly friends started to ask me and one day it hit me. I could do this for a living? It took me a long time to take that leap and become a full time photographer. Thinking back, I would never thought I would be able to do this for a living. Why? Because it was taboo back then when I first started almost 10 years ago. "That is not a very stable job" they'd tell me. Within 2 years of starting, I was a full time photographer with a full clientele. That made me realize that I really could do this for a living and then it took off from there! It's been an amazing journey and I wouldn't change anything about it. I have met so many people from all kinds of walks of life and many of these have become good friends of mine. That is one of my favorite part of this. :)

Photos by: Hello Darlin Photography- www.hellodarlinphotography.com